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Play, Learn, Heal

mindkestra AI engine brings you to a musical neurofeedback metaverse

792 million people experiencing mental health issues worldwide


Aug 2020 >> Feb 2021

USA weekly incidence (CDC data)


Symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorders.


Took prescription medication for mental health or received counseling or therapy


Needed but did not receive counseling or therapy

Vahratian A, Blumberg SJ, Terlizzi EP, Schiller JS. Symptoms of Anxiety or Depressive Disorder and Use of Mental Health Care Among Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, August 2020–February 2021. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2021;70:490–494

Using Digital Gadget

the ascent of digital therapeutics



Arm photoshoot

Playful & digital


key innovations

Neurobiological feedback

Responsive Music

Playful Learning 

Emotional self-control

Enjoying Music


Measure, Analyze

medical-grade dynamic representation of mental states' physiology

Stimulate, Feedback & Monitor

enhanced learning (user & machine) on self-control through musical feedback

Engage, Enjoy, Create

brain guided interactive music generation

Share, Connect

sharing media creates new social boundaries & relationships

Technological Products

making your own reality


Health Insurance

engaging patients & therapists in an interactive learning process

for Insurance Companies

  • data analysis for marketing strategies

  • hyper-prevention programs

  • interactive screening​

for Insurees

  • Dedicated app

  • Interactive relaxation training sessions

  • Users' reward program (mind-coins!)

Relaxing with Music

Patient Support Programs

engaging patients & therapists in an interactive learning process

for Healthcare companies

  • Patient support programs - focused on mental health (migraine, multiple sclerosis) 

  • enhanced pharmacovigilance - users data feedbacks

  • preventive approach - accessibility and monitoring​

for Patients

  • Dedicated App

  • enhanced therapeutic experience

  • self-care approach - intensive monitoring and preventive intervention 

  • Beyond the pill – Q&A sessions 


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mental health digital biomarkers


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